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Put your company's recruitment in the hands of an expert, save time and pay only for results, while ensuring friendly employer branding!
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What do you get with the Blank CV?

The biggest hiring challenges will no longer be your problem

Where do you find the time to search and read CV?

Hand over the entire process to our Recruitment Concierge, who will suggest suitable candidates and act on your behalf, such as delegating recruitment tasks or arranging online/offline interviews.

How do you verify the competence of candidates?

Reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person with limited time to hire with a database of candidates screened by our experts.

How do you ensure the candidate experience during the hiring process?

Put an end to late responses and after-hours recruiting - now a dedicated professional will manage each stage of the process in the spirit of your corporate culture. We provide feedback to the candidate on the next stage within max. 2 days after the interview/assignment.

How do you recruit at the lowest cost?

Say goodbye to hefty upfront fees - with the Blank Resume CV, you only pay for the candidate you actually hire.

How do we support you?

Starting immediately

We will access our database and send you the first profiles of candidates that match your organization within 72 hours.

Recruitment Consulting

We make suggestions on how to best screen candidates, help you set up follow-up appointments, and manage your employer branding on an ongoing basis.

Get in touch

What cooperation looks like


Identify recruitment needs, goals and challenges

Then summarize the action plan and summarize the profile of the person sought.


Searching for candidates in our database

Contacting selected candidates from the database and verifying their qualifications and whether they are still looking for a job.
*If needed, locate and contact sourcing professionals.


Weekly project status

Recommendations of the best candidates (within 1-2 days after receiving a set of documents from the candidates and confirming their suitability for the position)


Ongoing support in the next stages.

Making appointments, recruiting tasks, offering candidates

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We have already found employees for these companies

We have already found employees for these companies

72 hours

to the first recommendations from the beginning of the collaboration

1500 marketers

ready to work, from Poland and Europe

unlimited recommendations

We search until we find the right person.

70% response rate

our candidates know us and are open to interviews

payment upon employment

we do not charge before the recruitment closes

verification by experts

Technical talks are conducted by marketers with more than 10 years of experience

Team and experts

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Does the Blank CV service come with a warranty?

Our standard Blank CV service doesn't come with a guarantee. However, in exceptional cases (e.g., if you're recruiting for a very niche industry or an unusual role), we're open to discussing the matter individually

Does it mean that the candidates in your database have been through a vetting process?

We screen all candidates from our database before recommending them for a particular role, at least through an in-depth recruitment interview. What's more, many of the candidates in our database come from previous recruitment projects where their skills were additionally assessed through technical assignments and expert interviews.

Are the contract terms negotiable?

Yes, you can. Each of our contracts can be customized to fit your needs.

How quickly will we complete the process with the help of Blank CV?

The entire Blank CV collaboration is usually completed within 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the client's recruitment process and/or changes to the role being recruited.

How long does it take to get the first recommendation with the Blank CV service?

Blank CV is our simplest and fastest recruitment service. We guarantee to present the first candidates within 14 days of signing the contract. However, we know from experience that the first recommendations usually appear about 72 hours after the start of cooperation.

How much does the Blank CV service cost?

Blank CV is a no-risk service (no upfront fee) - if you decide to hire a person from our recommendation, you will pay an amount no higher than 1.5 months of the selected candidate's salary.

How many candidates will I get to choose the best person?

At Blank CV, we have no limits on the maximum number of referrals. We make every effort to ensure that the very first recommendation meets your expectations 100%. We know from experience that 3-5 referrals per role is enough for clients to hire the right person.

What is the duration of the Blank CV contract?

With Blank CV, we enter into an open-ended contract.

Hire the right candidate without unnecessary recruitment costs!

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